Friday, December 20, 2013

Samsung launches exclusive crystal edition of its galaxy s4 handset

 A Thai version of the company's flagship smartphone is the latest Samsung handset to get a Swarovski makeover.

Samsung's new Galaxy SIV Crystal Edition adds a white faux leather rear casing embedded in Swarovski crystals to the signature smartphone. The device, which is exclusive to Thailand, costs 20,300 baht (that's $630 or 460), and its production is limited to just 3,500 examples.

As such it is the second handset in less than a month to undergo the Swarovski treatment in the name of exclusivity and enhanced desirability. In November Samsung launched the Galaxy SIII Mini Crystal Edition, exclusively in Germany.

The standard Galaxy SIV is currently the most popular branded Android handset on sale. In terms of premium smartphones, only the iPhone sells in higher quantities.