Friday, December 20, 2013


*The pin code was introduced in India in the year 1972
*In his last years,Ambedkar converted to Buddhism
*The film actor who became the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh was N.T.Rama Rao
*Satyajit Ray was awarded the Bharat Ratna in the year 1992
*Central Research Institute is located at Kasauli
*The movie Raja Harishchandra was released in the year 1913
*The first Indian Prime Minister to resign from office was Morarji Desai
*The largest railway bridge in India is Sone Bridge,Bihar
*The largest dome in India is the Gol Gumbaz,Bijapur
*Air Force Day is celebrated on October 8
*Indian Military Academy is located at Dehradun
*The postal department was set up in India in the year 1854
*Navy day is celebrated on 4th December
*NABARD was established in the year 1982
*Koradi Thermal power Station is located at Maharashtra
*PTI stands for Press Trust of India
*Rail Coach Factory is located at Kapurthala
*The construction of India was adopted on 26-11-1949
*The construction of India became effective on 26-1-1950
*Mrinalini'was written by Bankim chandra Chatterjee
*Panipat is popularly known as Weaver City