Saturday, December 21, 2013

IBPS PO and Clerk Interviews : 5 Things to Remember : IBPS Interview Preparation

5 things to remember before giving IBPS Interviews: In our interview preparation series for IBPS PO and
Clerks, now we are going to tell you five basic things which every aspirant must follow before giving IBPS
Bank Interviews in particular and all other interviews in general. In the last post we have told you about
What you should Prepare for IBPS Interviews, here are some very important things which all of you should
1. Prepare well for interview
2. Improve your confidence
3. Improve your communication skills
4. Be polite during the interview
5. Dress well
1. Prepare well for interview: No matter how good a student you are, you should always prepare in a
planned manner for your interview. In the last post we have told you about the broad areas which you
should prepare for your interview. Therefore you can plan your preparation in that manner and should
prepare and practice as we have suggested in the last post.
2. Improve your confidence: It is very important to remain confident during the interview but it is easier
said then done, you have to practice regularly to increase your confidence level and the best method is to
practice by giving mock interviews with your family, friends and seniors.
3. Improve your communication skills: Interview is a test of communication skills which you can develop
with practice and good preparation. If you have good preparation it will give you a lot of confidence and
your communication skills will also improve.
4. Be polite during the interview: In IBPS interview boards most of the board members are senior bankers
and generally interview boards of Bank Jobs are considered among the best boards, most of the time you
will find that board members are very polite and cooperative. Therefore in bank interviews it is very
important for you to remain very decent and polite during the interview. Do not ever indulge yourself in any
kind of arguments with the board members.
5. Dress well: Last but not the least tip is that you should decide your dress well before the interview and
you should ensure to put a very decent formal dress during the interview. Many people do not pay
attention towards this aspect which can prove fatal.
Many of you may feel that these are very basic tips, but you should understand that you should never
forget your basics. The purpose of this article is to remind you the importance of good preparation, so
prepare well in a very planned manner for your interviews.