Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top 5 Security Applications For Your Android Smartphone

The latest release of the Android OS is more secure than ever and Google
is doing it’s very best to improve the security in its operating system with
every new release of android software. However, as the platform is becoming increasingly popular and has
even surpassed the market share of iOS, it is becoming more attractive to malware producers and identity
thieves. While carefully viewing application permissions and downloading and installing apps from trusted
sources only can go a long way toward securing your phone, mobile security applications provide an
essential extra level of protection to your mobile devices. These five applications that I'm going to
introduce to you today are the best choices currently available for securing your Android smartphone from
various virus, malwares and other malicious apps.

ESET's PC security offerings are top notch. Their debut entry into mobile security offers similar
performance. In addition to the standard antivirus and antispam capabilities, the mobile application
features a comprehensive anti-theft suite as well. ESET's biggest asset is its intuitive and non-
intrusive interface. Configuring and using this application could not be simpler. Here are some key
features of ESET mobile security app.

Call, SMS and MMS filtering
Real-time and on-demand scanning
SIM card matching
Application removal prevention
Remote GPS activation
Remote data wipe
Remote password locking
Comprehensive security audit
Overall ESET mobile security is one of the best security applications available for android smartphone.
However, like all other nice things, this app also comes with it's own price of $9.99 for a one year
license. But, you can try out the 30-day free trial first to see if it's worth the price or not. You can install
the app and/or find detailed information about it on Google Play Store .

SecureAnywhere Mobile was rated at the top of mobile security apps in a recent study by AV-
Test . It features a comprehensive suite of features and functionality with a sleek interface to make
configuring and running the application a breeze. A unique feature of this application is the "Device
Scream" feature. Using the remote interface, you can make your Android phone play a specified sound file.
This is great for theft protection as well as those times when your phone slides between the couch
Other Key Features include:

Settings auditing
App permissions analysis
Remote data wipe
SIM card matching
Call, SMS and MMS filtering
Remote GPS Activation
Internet browser security
Remote administration interface
Real-time and on-demand scanning

Webroot Security and Antivirus also provides you more flexibility by offering a premier version of their free
app for more secure protection of your handset with extra features and extra protection. However, the free
version also packs essential tools and utilities to keep malwares and other harmful apps away from your
handset. Find our more information and install Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile application from Play
Store .

Free Mobile Security offers comprehensive protection and detection of mobile malwares. While it
lacks a few of the advanced features of some of the competitors, it has one of the highest detection rates
of any mobile security application available. For those with rooted phones, it also features a sophisticated
firewall feature for added protection. Best of all, the application is available for free.
 Other features include:

Call, SMS and MMS filtering
Real-time and on-demand scanning
Application privacy notifications
Phishing filters
Remote lock
Remote GPS activation
Remote data wipe
Remote siren
SIM card matching
Task and applications manager

Avast mobile security is the best of all that you can get for free in the android store. With over 10 million
users and 4.7 star rating, this security application stands above all its competitors. Learn more about it
and download it from play store.

Mobile Security offers many of the features of its competitors. Frequent updates and advanced
algorithms provide superb malware detection with few false positives. For those with children, F-Secure is
one of the few mobile security applications to feature parental controls. Blocking websites or phone
functions is as simple as selecting from a template and customizing a few settings.
Other Key Features include:

Real-time and on-demand scanning
Remote GPS activation
Call, SMS and MMS filtering
Applications permission analysis
Affordable monthly licensing
Automatic updates
Remote GPS activation
Remote data wipe
Phishing filters
Parental Controls

F-secure mobile security is one of the best alternative to secure your android smartphone from malicious
and harmful softwares, identity thieves, other virus and malwares. However, it seems to be quite behind
other competitors. One of the reason for this is that you need to pay a huge $10 to get this app installed
on your handset. Also, it doesn't seem to support older (low-range) smartphones, which could be another
reason for it lagging behind. Anyway, if you are in seek of a good protection and aren't satisfied with any
of the other applications listed here, then do give it a try. You can download and install it from Google's
Play Store .

As one of the newest entries to the field, Zoner is quickly establishing an outstanding reputation. Welcome
additions to the Zoner feature set include a convenient home screen widget and support for encrypting
Facebook, Twitter, email, MMS and SMS correspondence.
 Other features include:

Real-time and on-demand scanning
Manual or automatic updates
Parental controls
Call, SMS and MMS filtering
Task manager
Application permissions analysis
Remote GPS activation
Remote data wipe
Phone location tools
Home screen widget

While Zoner antivirus is a new entry, it seems to be expanding at a great pace. This free and lightweight
app, really seems to deliver what it promises and that is the only reason why it has got many positive
reviews at the play store. If you are are looking for securing your android device and haven't found
something reliable yet (for free) then, you should give Zoner Antivirus a try. You can download and install
it from Play Store .