Thursday, December 19, 2013

Important Abbreviations— Banking (in alphabetical order—I)

IA— Internal Audit
IADB— Inter-American Development Bank
IAPTD— Interest Accrued and Payable on Term Deposits
IB— Indian Bank
IBA— Indian Banks' Association
IBBL— Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
IBC— Inward Bills for Collection
IBD— Investment Banking Division(data by facebook/cnaonweb)
IBEA— Indian Bank Employees' Association
IBEU— Indian Bank Employees' Union
IBFG— International Bankers Financial Group
IBFX— Interbank FX (data by facebook/cnaonweb)
IBLL— International Bank Liberia, Limited
IBLR— Inter-Bank Loan Repayment
IBOA— Indian Bank Officers Association
IBP— Institute of Bankers Pakistan
IBPS— Institute of Banking Personnel Selection
IBRA— Indonesian Banking Restructuring Agency
IBRC— Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited
IBSU— Indian Bank Staff Union (data by facebook/cnaonweb)
IBV— Instant Bank Verification
IBV— International Bank Vaults
IBWM— Independent Bank West Michigan
ic— insolvency certificate
ICA— Interbank Card Association
ICB— Internet Client Bank(data by facebook/cnaonweb)
ICBA— Independent Community Bankers of America
ICBC— Independence Community Bank Corporation
ICBC— Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
ICBPO— Irrevocable Conditional Bank Pay Order
ICCPO— Irrevocable Conditional Bank Pay Order
ID— Interbank Deposit(data by facebook/cnaonweb)
IDB— Industrial Development Bank
IDB— Inter-American Development Bank
IDB— Islamic Development Bank
IDBB— Islamic Development Bank of Brunei
IDBE— Industrial Development and Workers Bank of Egypt
IDBG— Islamic Development Bank Group(data by facebook/cnaonweb)
IDBI— Industrial Development Bank of India
IDBL— International Development Bank, Limited
IDBP— Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan
IDBZ— Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe
IDCB— Idukki District Co-operative Bank, LTD.
IDD— International Direct Deposit
IE— Industrial Explosives(data by facebook/cnaonweb)
IFIs— International Financial Institutions
IFR— Investment Fluctuation Reserve
IFSC— International Financial Services Commission (Belize)
ILS— Israeli Shekel (data by facebook/cnaonweb)
IMBA— Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association
IMBG— Investment Management and Banking Group
IMF— International Monetary Fund
IMU— International Monetary Unit
Inc— Incorporated (data by facebook/cnaonweb)
INR— Indian Rupee
int— interest
intro— introduction
IOB— Indian Overseas Bank
IOBOA— Indian Overseas Bank Officers Association
IOR— Institute for Religious Works (Vatican Bank)
IPAB— Intellectual Property Appellate Board
IPO— Initial Public Offer(data by facebook/cnaonweb)
IRDA— Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
IRR— Internal Rate of Return
ISA— Individual Savings Account